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Telesales Agents (Call Centers)
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Elster Marketing
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Job Title : : Telesales Agents (Call Centers)
Job Reference : : U.S. Company Outsourcing Long-Term Campaign
Location : : 1100 SW 38th. Ave. Suite 110 Ocala, Fl. 34474, Florida, United States
Salary : : Hourly Payout
Posted on : : Thu Aug 02, 2018
Apply before : : Mon Oct 01, 2018
Job Type : : Permanant
Experience required : : 1 year - 3 years
Job category: : Sales/Business Development
 Job Description
Merchant Affiliate Sign-Up Campaign

Campaign Details:
This is a telesales voice campaign, with no up-front fees. Elster Marketing is seeking a call center that can provide 6 telesales agents. These agents must speak excellent English and must have at least 6 months of sales or recruiting experience.

Centers will provide qualified agents to call on small business owners and persuade them in to joining the Elster Marketing Merchant Affiliate Program. The Merchant Affiliate Program helps small business owners earn a supplemental income.

Elster Marketing is seeking experienced sales (telesales) agents to sign-up small businesses for our Merchant Affiliate Program.

The Process:
→ Telesales agents will make outbound calls to prospects on a leads database, provided by Elster Marketing.
→ Telesales agents will persuade the prospects to sign-up for our Merchant Affiliate Program.
→ Telesales agents Must fully explain the entire process to the small business owners.
→ Telesales agents Must provide audio recordings of each successful sign-up.

What justifies a qualified lead?
There are four things that justify a quality lead; (1) Small business owner must have a merchant account (with a payment gateway) or is willing to get one. (2) The agent must fully explain the entire Merchant Affiliate process in it's entirety) to the small business owners. The agent must direct the small business owner to complete and submit our online registration form. Small business owners must including the login details (such as user name and password) of their merchant account's virtual terminal dashboard. (3) All new Merchant Affiliate sign-ups must come from the leads that Elster Marketing has provided.

Call Center Requirements
1) The Call Center agrees to provide the VoIP system, dialer, and high-speed internet.
2) The Call Center agrees to provide a toll-free number or U.S. (352 Area code), for receiving inbound calls.
3) The Call Center agrees to provide 4 to 6 agents with at least 1 year of telesales experience. These agents must speak “EXCELLENT” English, with a minimal accents. Each agent will work 40 hours per week.
4) The Call Center agrees to qualify each prospective small business, by confirming that the small must have a merchant account with a virtual terminal, and that they are interested in leasing Elster Marketing access to their virtual terminal (by sharing the login details) so that Elster Marketing can process our client's sales transactions for a profit-share of 10% of every transaction.
5) The Call Center will instruct the small business owners to complete our “Partnership Registration Form”, and if needed agents will assist the small business owners with completing the form.
6) The Call Center agrees to provide audio voice recording of each completed sign-up.
7) Each agent MUST sign up a minimum of three qualified small businesses each week.

Campaign Requirements:
Agents MUST speak excellent English (with minimal accent).
Agents MUST have a minimum of 6 months in telesales /sales.
Centers MUST provide the VoIP & Dialer, and internet services.
Centers MUST provide a toll-free number or US phone number (352 Area code) for inbound calls

Dialing Schedule / Working Schedule:
Agents will work Monday through Saturday.
Each agent will work a total of 40 hours per week.
Agents can work on Indian Standard Time or Eastern Standard Time.
Agents will work from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM EST. (Mon.-Fri) & 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM (on Sat.)

Performance Requirements:
Telesales agents MUST sign-up 3 new Merchant Affiliates per week.

Telesales agents earn an hourly payout of $8.00 per hour. Agents must meet or exceed the new sign-up quota of 3 quality Merchant Affiliate sign-ups per week to earn this hourly wage.
Telesales agents who do not sign-up at least 2 Merchant Affiliates will earn $7.00 per hour.
Telesales agents who do not sign-up at least 1 Merchant Affiliates will earn $6.00 per hour.

Payout Cyle:
Elster Marketing agrees that the payout settlement cycle will be (bi-weekly) every 14 days, beginning 14 days after the campaign goes live.

Preference will be given to call centers that can start working immediately. For immediate considerations

Contact Allan Cole (CEO) at your earliest convenience.
Skype: mrallancole@outlook.com
Whatsapp: 1-352-895-1916

Allan Cole
Apply before : Mon Oct 01, 2018
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