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About is a job board and resume database for the fast growing Call Center, BPO and IT sector.
We serve the Call Center, Software & Technology, Data Processing and Transcription Services sectors.

A call center is a place where customers make calls to get information about product or service. A call center is often staffed by people who answer questions about products and services, provide customer service, or sell products over the phone. A call center agent answers incoming calls from customers who have questions about product or service offered by the company. Agents may need to research information about the product or service before answering the customer’s question.
BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing. This is a service where companies outsource their back office operations to third party providers. The outsourcing provider takes care of customer services, billing, invoicing, collections etc.

How does it benefit?

A career in call centre can provide a stable income, flexible hours, and opportunities for advancement. You can join a call center as a customer care executive or an agent, and as your experience and performance improve, you will move on to the next level. These include: team lead, project lead, project manager, process manager, trainer, training manager, and so on. A candidate with suitable attributes and two years of call handling experience can become a team leader.


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