10 ways to reduce words in job applications
Applicants often face word limits when writing a job application. This means that every word counts, so watch for unnecessary, irrelevant and redundant words.

Here are ten ways to avoid using more words than you need.

1. Use strong verbs
Verbs reflect the action taken. Using vague verbs not only wastes words, it undersells your case. 'I have also done secretariat work for a committee' can be edited to: 'I provided secretariat support for a committee'.

2. Delete 'required to'
Saying 'I am required to' do certain things in your job wastes words. If a task is part of your job you don't need to say you are required to do it. 'As part of my role I am required to take minutes for the committee' can be edited to: 'I take minutes for the committee'.

3. Delete 'needed to' and 'able to'
Similar to 'required to' these words are usually redundant. 'In my role I need to manage my daily workload and set priorities' can be edited to: 'I daily manage my workload and set priorities'. 'I was able to arrange a meeting with key stakeholders' can be edited to: 'I arranged a meeting with key stakeholders'.
10 tips to help you build a successful creative career
You know it's what you want to do. All the doubters are ready to shoot your ideas down. But you're creative to the core and ready to do everything that it takes to build a career and work on the thing you love most.

In my work as a career counsellor with high school students, the career dreams that come through loudest and strongest are those of creatives. But can those dreams become reality?

Well, if you ask the parents the answer is 'No!' Those dreams are shut down faster than a two-year-old with a smart phone. Parents want their kids to be happy. And by their reckoning you can't be happy if you're an underemployed actor, artist, musician, dancer, writer or designer!

Lots of people give up on their dreams. So how do you develop a career that draws on creativity, talent, skill and passion?
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Job Board Script
When you are growing a company all your hires have to be integrated into the system. For this, you need a good job board script. Artificial intelligence, like Word, excel , PowerPoint and Google Docs are used by job boards. You can also create your own recruiting software Kevin Malletizer, using Google Docs and Google Workspace.