Should Future Entrepreneurs Go to College?
If you plan on running your own business empire, should you bother going to school?
I reject the common idea that school is a waste of time for potential entrepreneurs. There are good reasons why many entrepreneurs would benefit from education, and the choice depends on your situation.
Why Most People Get Stuck in Their Careers
One of the most common complaints we’ve heard is from people who feel stuck in their careers. They’re working hard, but they don’t know why they’re not getting ahead. Or worse, they don’t even know what they should be doing with their careers.
You Need to Negotiate Your Lifestyle
Soon, Cal Newport and I will be reopening Top Performer for a new session. This is the course we teach that shows you how to deeply understand your career, build rare and valuable skills, and translate those skills into work you love.
What Do You Want to Do With Your Life?
That was the sentiment a friend reflected to me. She’s in her mid-twenties, smart, savvy and hard working. But she is still stuck working jobs that don’t hover much beyond minimum wage. Every year, she tells me, that she applies for Universities, but never goes through with it. Why? Because she can’t answer that question.
Regular Exercise Is Part of Your Job
When we think about the value of exercise, we tend to focus on the physical benefits. Lower blood pressure, a healthier heart, a more attractive physique. But over the past decade, social scientists have quietly amassed compelling evidence suggesting that there is another, more immediate benefit of regular exercise: its impact on the way we think.