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What is a Call Centre?

A call centre is a place where people make phone calls to sell products or services. There are many
different types of call centres including customer service call centres, technical support call centres,
sales call centres, telemarketing call centres, etc. In this article we cover what a call centre is, how
they work, the jobs available and much more.

This article aim to help those who want to work in the call centre industry or want to know about
how the call centre industry works.

Benefits of Call Centre

1. Customer Service

Call canters are often considered to be the face of any company. When customers call in, they
expect to speak to someone who knows what they're talking about, and who can help them solve
their problems. A good customer service representative should have a friendly voice, be
knowledgeable, and be able to answer questions clearly and concisely.

2. Sales

A sales person's job is to sell products and services to potential clients. A good salesperson should
be able to listen carefully to his/her client's needs, understand the client's wants and desires, and
then provide solutions to those needs and desires.

3. Marketing

Marketing is the act of promoting a product or service. A good marketing person should be able to
create advertising campaigns that effectively promote a product or service. He/she should also be
able to analyze the effectiveness of these campaigns.

4. Technology

Technology is the use of computers and software to perform tasks. A good technology person
should be able to work well with others, be familiar with different computer programs and operating
systems, and be able to troubleshoot issues if necessary.

5. Management

Management is the art of directing people towards achieving organizational goals. A good
management person should be able to motivate employees, set clear expectations, and hold
everyone accountable for meeting those expectations.

6. Leadership

Leadership is the art of inspiring people toward accomplishing organizational goals. A good
leadership person should be able to communicate ideas effectively, inspire confidence in others, and
encourage teamwork.

7. Finance

Finance is the study of money and how it works. A good finance person should be able to calculate
costs and expenses, keep track of finances, and make sound financial decisions.

Most businesses have outsourced the running of the lead generation and customer support
functions to an external call centre. Most companies have now hired some other call centre
company to do the phone call work for you. The benefit is that you no longer need to worry about
doing the tedious work yourself. Instead, you can focus on your core business.

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