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Sales associate 6 years - 10 years
Sports Fuel Kentucky, Alabama United States
$ 4500
Job Purpose: We’re seeking a qualified Sales Manager to sell Whitehat Jr’s classes that our

customers have grown to rely on. The Sales Manager will use their skills to generate

high-quality leads, build strong customer relationships, and close deals. The ideal

candidate will be a quick learner with strong negotiating skills and demonstrate the ability to

showcase our offerings compellingly.
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Apply Before : Thu Mar 28, 2024
Data Entry Back Office Any experience
Sports Fuel Arizona, Arizona United States
$ 10000
Based in Gurgaon, as the Senior Manager - Attendee Experience - Meetings Events Technology , you will play a critical role on the Attendee Experience - Meetings Events Technology growth strategy and lead the Digital Services Operations team. Our team of highly creative web-designers works within our global framework to create events websites and mobile apps. They also support our clients to configure and design websites and apps to run their Virtual and Hybrid meetings over a technology platform. Our team members have high level of expertise at taking a consultative approach in the conversations with the clients and translating their needs into successful events.
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Apply Before : Sat Mar 25, 2023
Workday Integration Developer 10 years - plus
Ejobsitesoftware New York, NY, New York United States
$ 6000
Provide Workday programming expertise as part of a Workday Integrations team which is expected to develop, monitor, support and enhance about 100 integrations.
Understand the end-to-end data flow for assigned integrations (from Workday to 3rd parties and vice-versa), including performing hands-on Workday configuration and code updates as necessary so that integrations running across multiple technologies deliver the required business outcomes.
Ensure GBT s approximately 30 global payroll integrations, which are primarily based on PECI and PICOF, are developed according to Workday best practices, minimize ongoing maintenance needs, and run efficiently/effectively with the end result of paying all GBT employees correctly
Develop, build, test and deploy new integrations leveraging leading-edge technologies to facilitate good business outcomes and position GBT to meet future requirements
Understand and provide input on integrating Workday into the larger Enterprise Architecture for the organization (SSO, IP whitelisting, toolset changes, PGP Privacy)
Understand data governance and security
Participate in Agile Integration development that focuses on accuracy and integrity of data and applications through analysis, coding, clear documentation and problem resolution
Design and develop interfaces and conduct unit and integration tests
Perform integration regression testing
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Apply Before : Mon Jan 16, 2023